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Simulation model of a dairy herd

SimHerd develops and commercializes a webbased advisory tool, which offers dairy farmers the possibility to estimate the economic impact of alternative management strategies in their herds.

SimHerd A/S provides a computer based decision tool for dairy cattle farms. By using the SimHerd model, the farmer and the herd advisor can simulate alternative scenarios based on data and assumptions for the individual dairy herd. By showing the economic consequence of each scenario the potentials of improving herd performance are visualized for the individual farmer. The scope of the model includes management decision on breeding, reproduction, feeding, health, production and barn facilities. SimHerd is readily available for dairy farms internationally.

SimHerd welcomes a new member to the familiy
– SimHerd Flex

SimHerd Flex is a condensed version of the full SimHerd model, whilst being faster and easier to use. It is your tailormade herd profit calculator. A SimHerd Flex application can help you calculate the value of your product, service or advisory, for the indivual farm. SimHerd Flex can be embedded in an App, a Dashboard or in an exsisting platform.

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An Animal Health Economics analysis strengthens my advice. It helps identify the 'low hanging fruits'.- Veterinarian Jørgen Madsen, Trehøje Dyrlægerne
The analysis is essential when I'm discussing action plans with my vet.- Heine Kuhr, Rødkærsbro, 500 cows
SimHerd identified economic opportunities of using of sexed- and beef semen in my herd.- Petter Hansen, Viborg, 70 cows