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About SimHerd A/S

Our journey: 1989 – present
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SimHerd is a computer model of a dairy herd. For nearly three decades the model has been applied developed at Aarhus University. Analyses with SimHerd have been included in over 30 papers in scientific journals on animal health economics and herd management.

The SimHerd model has grown from being a simulation model used solely for research purposes, to be a well renowned business. Vets, breeding advisors and consultants in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands routinely use SimHerd as key part off their advisory.

The future for SimHerd is creating tailormade dashboards for advisors, farmers and consultants.

SimHerd adds value for the farmer:

  • Operational: SimHerd quantifies the economic potential of improving management: “What if we improve pregnancy rates or udder health”?
  • Strategic: Forecast herd development under different conditions and breeding strategies. “What if we expand the herd with and without using sexed semen? or what if we invest in better calving facilities?”
  • ROI: SimHerd can estimate the Return on Investment (ROI) in technology, vaccination or welfare-improvements. A condition for performing these analyses is that the functionality of the technology has been scientifically documented.