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SimHerd Flex

A tailormade version of the SimHerd model
– embedded in your platform or dashboard.

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SimHerd Flex is a condensed version of the full SimHerd model, whilst being faster and easier to use. It is your tailormade herd profit calculator. A SimHerd Flex application can help you calculate the value of your product, service or advisory, for the individual farm. SimHerd Flex can be embedded in an App, a Dashboard or in an exsisting platform.

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Valio dashboard

Finnish farmers lead the way

The Finnish dairy Valio were the first to integrate SimHerd Flex in their online farmer dashboard. SimHerd developed a dashboard, were the farmers can see the effect of different improvements, on their profit but also on methane emission. The dashboard can calculate the effect of improved udder health, claw health, reproduction, calf survival and the use of beef semen.

“We expect that farmers will use this tool to evaluate the economic  and environmental potential of improving herd health management of their own herd”

Kristiina Sarjakori,  Herd health veterinarian from Valio Ltd.