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Teach and use

Simherd: an educational tool

Education and teaching material

  1. Main manual: create a report (kött, sensetime, NTM)
  2. Make another report, but with other Nyckeltal (other breed for example)
  3. Make the two others report, after you made the first one
  4. Känslighetsanalys explained
  5. Why does milk yield (often) drop when using beef semen?

Presentations at Skype meetings

Calculator for investments

Presentatie: SimHerd in Theorie: Klik op Start Prezi” en dan op het full-screen icon (bottom-right).

Distance Learning – SimHerd education on-line

The course enhances your understanding of the complexity and dynamics of a dairy herd. Practically, the course teaches you how to use SimHerd for estimating the economic impact of improving dairy cattle health and reproduction . Read more here

How to create a herd and run a scenario

How to make your own Health Economic Analysis (HEA).

How to make specific scenarios after making a HEA.